Alpaca Connection Est. 1972

Alpaca Connection Imports

Est. 1972

Naturally Luxurious Fibers From Peru

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Is a Llama and an Alpaca the same thing?
They are both relatives with a camel, but they are not the same thing.
An Alpaca is smaller in stature, has softer fur and a nicer disposition. The alpaca will spit as a defense mechanism while a llama will spit just to spit.

2.) What is the difference between adult and babyfur?
Babyfur is a softer and finer premium fur while the adult fur has had a few shearings before being used to make the products.
Just like human hair, the more hair cuts the alpaca has received the thicker and fuller it feels.

3.) How does Alpaca compare to other wools?
Pure alpaca wool is up to seven times warmer than sheep wool and is more comfortable.
The alpaca hair shaft is hollow so it works with a persons body heat to keep you warm but not overheated.
This hollow hair shaft also allows moisture to stay only on the surface meaning it drys very quickly and is moisture-wicking Alpaca wool does not have guard hairs or lanolin in it like sheep's wool does so it is hypoallergenic and not itchy.

4.) How can the sweaters be washed?
The sweaters are machine washable on a gentle/handwash cycle and in cold water. Then air dry. Alpaca is like other wools that will shrink with heat.

5) How can the fur be cleaned?
Shake out and brush baby powder through with a hard bristle brush.
The attachments of a vacuum cleaner can be used. To clean liquid spills blot dry, rub cornmeal into the stain and brush out. Remove any remaining stain by spot cleaning with mild soap and water. Do not immerse the fur.

6.) How do the slippers fit?
The slippers are true to size however they should have a snug fit when new. As the slippers are worn the fur conforms to your feet so expand about half a size.

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