Alpaca Connection Est. 1972

Alpaca Connection Imports

Est. 1972

Naturally Luxurious Fibers From Peru

The Artisans

Cesar and Felicia – This husband and wife team has produced alpaca fur hats, fur scarves, fur pillows and fur toys for many generations. Their daughters Irma and Diana have mastered the family craft and work with their parents. Irma produces her own line of toys and has an unbeatable work ethic. Diana has earned a college degree and has been to the USA several times to travel and help in our stores. This is valuable because the family can see how their products are received and get direct customer feedback. Diana’s trips inspire new products that help grow their business.

Leoncio - Is our producer for alpaca sweaters, accessories and children’s sweaters. He is a very talented producer and has several knitting machines in his workshop. Leoncio has a steady flow of work providing his group year-round income and stability. His daughter Leslie is college-educated and spends much of her time traveling. She is in the USA often and develops relationships with new clients.

Ramos group - This group has many talented artisans producing a wide variety of alpaca products. Our men’s, women’s and children collection are always growing with their ability to create new items. This group is able to collaborate and fill large orders. There is such skill and ability within this group that they operate their own shop in Lima.

Mirella’s group – Wonderful hand-embroidered products are created by this group of indigenous women. The women are extremely talented and enjoy working for the love of their craft. Many women do not work in Peruvian families. These women feel blessed to have the opportunity to contribute extra income to their families while creating one of a kind embroidered jackets, belts, hats, and purses.

Cecelia - Is the daughter of one of our original alpaca fur producers. Currently, she is producing our line of fluffy alpaca toys. She has earned an engineering degree and now runs the family business. She is very skilled and employs a small group of people. Cecelia also travels to the USA to further develop her products and client relationships.

Wilbur - Is our newest toy producer. He worked for Cecelia’s family for over 20 years producing rugs and toys. His talent and hard work have allowed him the good fortune to create a business of his own. Wilbur works with the finest of fibers and has great attention to detail. He is teaching his craft to his son and daughter. We are excited to see the development of this family.


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