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Est. 1972

Naturally Luxurious Fibers From Peru

Blue Alpaca Zip up Hoodies - Bloomington MN

Welcome to Alpaca Connection

Welcome to our one of a kind collection of beautiful, warm and soft alpaca products. Alpaca has properties similar to wool in that it is insulating and very warm. Alpaca differs from wool in that it is free from lanolin and has a more intense thermal ability due to the fibers hollow hair shaft. Alpaca is considered hypoallergenic and can work with or without layers.

Best of all because Alpaca is sheared, it is renewable. This natural fiber often reserved for royalty in the past has a great value. It is devastating if a family lost an Alpaca to illness.

Our goal is to provide affordable and beautiful alpaca products that are skillfully made with great care and attention to detail. Or work allows many people to enjoy owning alpaca clothing that is one of a kind and expresses oneself.

If you have had the pleasure of visiting Alpaca Connection at Mall of America in MN, then you should remember the welcoming feeling and stunning array of bright colors used in our alpaca products.

We are well known for our unique and unbelievably soft alpaca sweaters, alpaca hats, alpaca scarves, alpaca gloves, and alpaca socks. All items in our collection are comfortable, practical, washable and make excellent gifts.

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Alpaca Connection = Bloomington MN

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Located in the Mall of America ~ 367 East Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425

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